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Ron Bailey Photography provides photography and High Definition cinematography to individuals and businesses. 

Beginning in 2003, we have documented some of the most interesting projects to come down the pike. 

We are always professional, respectful and trustworthy.  We don't reveal our secrets or yours, always aware that confidentiality is of utmost importance.  We also don't waste your time with a lot of fluff and pomp, the proof is in the images and video, not a cheesy artist statement.  The bulk of our work is on a 'for hire' basis, leaving you with the rights to your images to do with as you please.  We've worked with Encana Oil and Gas USA, Helmerich & Payne, R.E.D. Graniti and many companies that simply wish to remain anonymous for their own reasons, which is fine with us.  

At Ron Bailey Photography we don't put on airs or tiaras, what you see is what you get; passion, energy and craftsmanship.  We look forward to working with you on your project: small, medium or large.

It's easy to contact us:


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