I tell the photo stories as they find me and usually when it is least expected.

When I shoot a story, it tends to be an involved process with countless hours of research, preparation and execution.  For crying out loud, the quarry story started in 2003 and continues yet today.  The culmination of that research is the 3 1/2 hour DVD on the history of the quarry, finishing mill, search for the replacement Tomb block and quarrying practices of the quarry at that point in time.

The Jailhouse Art + Ruth Monro Augur projects have been ongoing since October, 2020, with new and interesting 'stuff' being discovered all the time.  Prints for the Jailhouse Art are now available (Ruth's prints will be soon).

It continues to be my thrill to document some of the most interesting, hidden, and historically significant projects around. 

I hope you enjoy the photo stories on this simple site and I look forward to finding many more.  Just click on a link in the menu.

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