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‘Divergent’ opened in March of 2014 while we were living on the Big Island, Hawaii.

I was contacted in the fall of 2012 by the film’s production designer, Andy Nicholson, who wanted to lease numerous images I had made of the Yule Quarry so that a set could be designed for the film. That set is a very important part of the film and is called ‘The Pit.’

The supervising art director, Patrick Sullivan, called me and we exchanged numerous emails and phone calls to narrow down the selection to around 100 images that were to be used in order to design  the set. Patrick was ‘wowed’ with the images and quarry.

My first real look at the set was at the premier of the film, March 10, 2014, and I have to say that Patrick and his crew did a great job. For those who have been in the quarry, you would think that some of the scenes were actually shot inside of it. The detail given to ‘The Pit’ is awesome. Then again, so is the detail in the images they used. I’ve been asked if they actually just copied some of the high res files, etc. I have no idea.

Don’t look for my name in any kind of credit or special thanks, you won’t find it. I guess that’s something you have to work out at the time you ‘make the deal.’ In fact, don’t even look for the name of the quarry in the credits. I guess they wanted everyone to think it came from their own minds (although in interviews Patrick does say that the inspiration for The Pit came from a ‘quarry in Colorado’). I’m okay with the lack of credit as you cannot find a better selection of detailed images from ‘The Old Quarry’ anywhere else in the world except for Ron Bailey Photography.

I would, however, offer some advice if you ever find yourself in the situation of someone asking to lease your images for any reason, and that would be to stick with your normal cost.

I was misled by Andy and Patrick when they told me that this was being produced by a small, unknown film company that did not have much of budget, etc. If I worked with them on the price of the images they would ‘keep me in mind’ on future films. I knew that part was bullshit, but I did lower my price a great deal to help a ‘struggling production company.’

When I received the check in the mail it was written by Lionsgate. Lionsgate. I was lied to by both men. This, among a few other scams, is why I no longer offer discounts on my prints or services.

I have managed to find a few images from the film that show the pit and have them listed below. The first one is concept art of what the pit would look like and I believe it was made by Patrick Sullivan. In the end, they did not keep the back wall the same and I’m glad they didn’t, as it really does not fit. This concept art looks like it was made with the inspiration of a combination of the images taken looking past old portal two and under old portal three.

The other three images appear to be stills shot during production.

Click here to see some of the images used in the making of The Pit.  https://ronbaileyphotography.smugmug.com/CYMQ

Concept Art

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Production Images

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