Beginning in April and continuing through September, the sun is high enough on the horizon to wash over the portals, painting the quarry with a towering brush of light.

The splashing beams can be massive and overpowering in the mornings while slipping quietly away to slender fingers that barely glide across the marble in the afternoons.

These wonders of the quarry can only be seen due to the marble dust, diesel smoke and history in the air.

The old quarry, where the sun plays its game of 'catch me if you can', fills to the brim with the revealing light, illuminating old scars from the lifting of The Tomb of The Unknowns to brilliant white walls from fresh cuts in the mountain.

This light floats silently throughout the old quarry, dancing to a tune it has heard for over a hundred years but has only a season in which to do so, The Season of Light.

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