The first buildings of the mill were constructed in 1907 with additions built as new contracts came into the company. These rarely seen historic images show the first shop and first mill just under construction at the Mill Site.

The view is to the East just as the shop and mill were being started in March 1907. The second image is a month later looking West.

You are looking NW in the April, 1907 image and the town of Marble was to the NE. Many company owned (Colorado Yule Marble Company) houses lined the street to the north just a stone's throw from the new construction.

The floor in the first shop (to the right in this image) was dirt. The building was primarily used for polishing and buffing.

The floor in the first mill (that mill begins where the construction 'juts' out to the upper left) was wood with concrete foundations for some of the larger machines. Eight gang saws were contained in the first mill.

The lean-to protected the coal used in the steam locomotive. This engine and car was part of the Crystal River & San Juan Railroad that was extended into Marble from the original end of the line in Redstone.

All of the wood used to build the mill was cut from 'Mill Mountain' right across the river to the south of the mill. This clear cutting would come back to bite the company years later in the form of a nasty avalanche.

Eventually the Mill Site would stretch to over 1/4 mile long and 150'+ wide and was the most modern, best equipped marble finishing mill in the world. It was also the largest building in the world under one roof. The final three images will give you an idea of just how large the mill really was.


The mill was closed and dismantled right after the onset of WWII.  Marble was declared a non-essential material so fuel and supplies were hard to come by, not to mention that most of the men working in the quarry and mill were now at war.  The quarry would remain closed until 1990 while the mill site remains abandoned and resembles an archeological site.

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