Great images sell estate.  Poor images can also be the main reason the property does not sell. The two most common photographic mistakes that are made in presenting a property are taking poor quality images and using unrealistic lighting or processing techniques.

What would draw a potential buyer to a property when the images they see are poorly exposed, out of focus and don't do your listing justice?  Most people skip to the next listing expecting the property to have been shown at its best, when in reality it's the image that fails.  Perception becomes reality and that equates to no sale.

Poorly executed images also reflect on the realtor and the company.  It's probably more of a subconscious thought than anything else, but if the time, talent and energy was not properly spent to display the property online, what else might be lacking?

Camera phones are great to take snapshots of the family but have no place in creating revenue for you and your business.  If someone needs to win a legal case, he hires the best attorney he can find.  If he needs to sell a piece of real estate, he hires the best agent.  If you need great photos, hire a professional that will deliver the results you need.

Ron Bailey Photography works with you to capture your property at its best, exactly the way it will look when your client arrives on location.  No phony lighting, unrealistic computer enhancements or expectations from buyers that are dashed when they view the property in person for the first time.  How many times have you heard, "Oh, it looked so much better in the photo?"  You will earn a client's trust and confidence when your listing matches the image that brought them to it and you in the first place. 

We can help you move your properties quickly with images that snap, pop and crackle without false enhancements.  Every structure and piece of land has its own beauty and appeal, which is what we  capture. 

The proper equipment is a must and we use the best Canon architectural lens to capture your listing without strangely converging lines and unnatural distortion. 

Whether you need great images of a simple exterior of your vacation rental, a home listing, multiple interiors, commercial property, large complexes or high rises, we can help.  We view every job as a priority and you will have your finished images the same day of the shoot or next day, at the latest.  You will be able to download web size and full resolution images directly from your own password protected page.

Our goal is to help you move property quickly and cost effectively.  After all, if you don't succeed neither do we.

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